What We’re About

Have you ever looked down at your dinner and wondered: where did this actually come from?

We here at Farm Shop Food believe in asking questions about our food.

We think you eat happier and healthier if you know where your grub is coming from and we know that happier food just tastes better.

When we first started trading in 2002 we had the simple aim of selling the bits and pieces that we grew on our land in our spare time. Both my husband and I had spent years carefully growing vegetables in our small stretch of land behind our home, when we had the kids it was a great way to save some money and eat healthy, but now that our young ones had left for good we had more than we knew what to do with!

Farm Shop Food began as a wooden crate full of veggies and an honesty box, today it’s a fully functioning store that sells some of the best locally produced food on the market.

Back in 2008 our farmer friend Michael came to us with a proposition. He’d spent over a decade trying to turn a profit from his land but had struggled getting a good price for his wares. At the time he was just about to start a young family and he needed his new plan to work. Mike currently sold his produce to a middle-man, who then sold his stock over to a big supermarket chain. By the time Mike got his cut, the pile of money had all but dwindled to nothing leaving him wanting when it came to his savings.

When Mike heard about our little shop out here in the sticks, he saw an opportunity. He knew that our customers would be happy paying for his products if they knew where they come from, he also knew that his products would taste better if he didn’t have to treat them with the chemicals and fertilisers that the supermarkets demanded. We struck a deal with Mike to buy his vegetables off him for less than the middle man did and he managed to save enough to support his new family!

After a year or so of selling Mike’s cracking veggies we soon found that more and more farmers were getting in touch with us to get a similar deal. Within a few years we’d found a way of stocking an entire shop with everything that you’d expect from your regular supermarket. Everything from our homegrown meat to our free-range eggs has been ethically sourced, locally grown, organically fed. Best of all we’re happy to say that our prices are fair to both you and the farmers.

Come down and visit us today to see how you can get all you need from Farm Shop Food!