Management Meeting//Slow-Roast Pork Rolls

We catch up with the kids over a family-classic.

There’s something so wholesome about having the whole family round for a roast dinner…

Although both our kids have got roles within the Farm Shop Food business (which is based just a few miles from our home) we still don’t get to see them that often. Kate (34) and Jack (31) have come full circle in terms of their relationship with our business here.

Gerald and I first started growing vegetables when we were struggling for cash as young parents. Pulling up carrots, potatoes and broccoli was a cheap way of feeding the troops whilst getting good nutrients in them at the same time. They were never fussy eaters as young ones, happily wolfing down whatever we set in front of them – whether it was a hearty stew or a rather anaemic looking soup.

After the Farm Shop Food business started to really get going (and the kids were a little older) we were able to get them working in the shop. I imagine that those early days of sitting at the checkout in our quiet Farm Shop were rather dull for them. They were the only young people working there and they were impossible to cheer up when they were half-way through a day’s work on the Saturday. We paid them minimum wage and I think they resented us slightly for nudging them into giving their precious weekends.

Still, by the time they had left for university they’d both taken on more substantial supervisory roles in the store and had built up a solid slate of skills that they could hopefully take with them into later working life. Every summer they’d both return to work in the shop and with each passing year I could see them enjoying their work a little more. Kate was the first to graduate, she spent a few months travelling before cropping up on our doorstep, asking if she could have a job. Two years later it was Jack who repeated a similar trick, but this time a little sun burnt from his time in Thailand.

They both took on managerial roles and have since then risen to take over complete control of the company. It really is a weight off our minds knowing that our kids have got the company in hand and it’s also wonderful to have them both so close to home. We try and keep our noses out of the business now that we’re both retired, but it’s always nice to check up on how they’re doing and there’s no better meal to bond over than a lovely bit of slow-roast pork.

Get Together Roast Pork Rolls

Serves a family of 4 with some leftovers

What You Need:

2kg loin of pork

2 onions, peeled

Plain flour

Good can of cider

300ml of veggie stock

8 soft bread rolls

To Serve:


Apple sauce



Crack your oven on as high as possible, then prep your pork.

Score the skin of your loin joint in thin strips, go about halfway through the fat for the best crackling.

Quarter your onions and place in your tray then plonk the pork on top.

Then get a good handful of sea salt and really rub it into the meat – place on a high shelf and roast for 25 mins.

Turn the heat down to 190 degrees and roast for another 2 hours.

Skewer the meat – if there are clear juices then you’re good to go.

Take it out to rest for half an hour before serving with bread rolls and any sauces/stuffing that you’d like.

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