Welcome – An Introduction

After operating ‘off the grid’ for nearly 17 years we’ve¬†finally¬†got a website!

As farmers and all-round country folk we’ve never really had that much time for the internet…

It sounds like a bit of a broad stereotype, but Gerald and I have always found the internet a little confusing. Our kids had railed at us for years to get it installed, but the cost of getting a line sent out to our little farm seemed so astronomical at the time that we had to bat away their complaints until they were old enough to go to university in a big town, where they could get all the internet that they wanted.

It took us until 2010 to get an internet connection of our own and another four years for us to really figure out what do with it!

As with all new technologies we were lucky to have our kids to show us how to get the most of it. Even with their guiding hands it took us another 4 years to get our very first website online and ready to go. We’re a local business, selling locally sourced produced to local people so this website will never be about selling you any products. Instead, this site will be dedicated to everything that we love about food and what you can do with it.

Now that Gerald and I have been able to pass the management of Farm Food Shop over to our kids it’s given us more time to explore the rest of the country, as well as all the fantastic foods that we have on offer here. We’ve taken it upon ourselves this year try out as many new food experiences as possible – that means more days out to food festivals, road trips to great restaurants and a whole lot of cooking at home.

After spending a lifetime working together we’ve finally got the chance to taste some of the great food that we’ve been selling to our customers for so long!

Over the next year we’ll be posting our favourite recipes – you’ll be able to try out everything from some of the oldest family recipes to some of our latest innovations. We’ll be keeping you up to date on the best restaurants that we’ve been visiting throughout the week and we’ll also be giving you updates on any changes that have been taking place on the farm.

It’s going to be a big year for the team here at Farm Shop Food – we hope you can make the time to keep up with us!

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